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PTS EP Series – Enhanced Polymer Magazine 1 for AEG


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The PTS EP Series – Enhanced Polymer Magazine 1 for AEG (2023 update) redefines what an airsoft magazine can be. This isn’t just a container for BBs; it’s a meticulously crafted feeding powerhouse designed for flawless performance and ultimate reliability. Whether you’re dominating CQB battles or laying down suppressing fire on the field, the EP1 is your dependable ammo comrade.


  • 150-round capacity: Rain down a hailstorm of BBs without constant reloads. Focus on outsmarting your opponents, not stopping to refill.
  • Dupont Zytel polymer construction: Rugged and lightweight, the EP1 can handle drops, bumps, and battlefield abuse without flinching.
  • Innovative follower design: Ensures consistent BB feeding, minimizing jams and misfeeds, so you can concentrate on securing the win.
  • Full-load indicator: See-through window with a bright orange follower lets you know exactly how many BBs you have left, eliminating ammo anxiety.
  • Improved baseplate: Slimmer and more durable, the redesigned baseplate sits flush with your magazine pouches for a sleeker profile and easier storage.
  • Universal compatibility: Works flawlessly with most M4/AR-15 style AEGs, letting you upgrade your existing arsenal without compatibility headaches.


  • Dominate the competition: Uninterrupted firing with a 150-round capacity and jam-resistant design gives you the upper hand in any firefight.
  • Built to last: Durable construction ensures your EP1 can handle the heat of intense skirmishes, season after season.
  • Confidence in every shot: The full-load indicator lets you focus on your target, not your magazine.
  • Sleek and functional: The slimmer baseplate and universal compatibility make the EP1 a perfect upgrade for any AEG setup.

The PTS EP1 is more than just a magazine; it’s a game-changer. Upgrade your arsenal and experience the unmatched reliability and performance of the 2023 EP1 update.

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