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Free Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $100.
Fulfilled Same Day until 4:30 CST

Custom Hi-Capa Parts

Welcome to the most well-rounded and competent airsoft Hi Capa parts store. Our Hi Capa pistol category is among the top suppliers for parts and custom Hi Capa upgrades. With us, you will also enjoy great facilities, services, and top-quality products.

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Diversity in Hi-Capa Parts:

Every component of a Hi Capa pistol is essential to its working. Knowing this has helped us create a range of Hi Capa parts that even include seemingly insignificant components. Who knows when a simple spring breaks down? This is the time for you to take out that old pistol who’s guide rod broke, and you never found a fix for it.

Top Grade Quality:

If there’s one thing about our platform that we are confident about, it’s the quality of our products. Everything from Hi Capa guns to small parts, such as strokes and springs, are of first-rate quality. So, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for airsoft Hi-Capa parts, then LA Capa Customs is the right platform for you.

Detailed Customization:

We are not all about airsoft Hi Capa parts repair. In reality, we are much more than that. Browse our Hi Capa custom parts selection to make your pistol stand out in the arena. Our wide-ranging series of custom components can transform your Hi Capa from a dull pistol to an airsoft masterpiece.

Performance Boosting Upgrades:

Performance upgrades are just as important as aesthetic improvements. That’s why we have that covered as well. Explore our assortment of performance components right now. These include extended magazines, hop-up units, high-quality grips, and much more.

Extensive Compatibility:

Through continuous Hi Capa advancements, the number of pistol options has sky-rocketed. With so many Hi Capa variants, it becomes difficult to find model-specific parts. Keeping that in mind, we offer you Hi Capa airsoft parts that are compatible with almost all models. So, instead of wasting time finding hyper-specific components, simply choose a part from LA Capa’s collection.

Advanced Pre-Builds:

Tired of going through long lists of Hi Capa parts for your firearm? Worry not, because here at LA Capa Customs, we offer premium pre-builds that are complete packages of customized Hi-Capa. These carefully put-together builds look absolutely stunning. We offer quite a few options in these to cover the different customization preferences of various players.

Excellent Customer Support:

Our customer care team consists of passionate airsoft enthusiasts. They are all willing to help you out in selecting the right purchase. If you ever feel uncertain about the quality or functionality of a product, you can contact us to get detailed answers to your queries.

Exciting Offers:

To keep our customers satisfied, we introduce regular offers and discounts. For example, shipping charges drop to zero on orders above $100. The shipping time is also 1-2 days, which is one of the fastest delivery services in the US.

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